AIRIE - Artist in Residence in Everglades

OCTOBER 2019 AIRIE Fellow - Grant Livingston

During the month of October, Grant will be in residence in Everglades National Park, learning from the staff, collaborating with other artists, and writing. 


This talk, and the ones by Ranger Olivia on October 2 and Ranger Lil on October 3 were the inspiration for this new song:

The Difference

©2019 Grant Livingston

Hey Ranger Daniel, can you tell me

The difference 'tween a 'gator and a croc?

Can you tell me a simple rule by which 

I can tell which one is what?

He said a gator has a rounded snout

Like a letter "U", you see

While the croc has got a pointy nose

It is shaped like the letter "V"

And a crocodile is tan or gray

Or something in between

While a gator's...

Visiting the AIRIE Gallery the Saturday before the Residence starts. 

With AIRIE Artistic Director Deborah Mitchell, Ranger Byrony Forbes, AIRIE Interim Director Adrienne Chadwick and President of the AIRIE Board Valerie Ricordi.

Wonderful artwork from the AIRIE archives in this exhibit, and this window looking out into the borrow pit east of the Coe Visitor Center. It looks like a framed painting!